In order to enter the local market and international arena Orum Narin Ltd, installed 2 new Tetrapak lines with 1 liter and 250 cc Tetra prisma packaging in 2005.
The aim was to introduce new packaging with high quality for the first time to the local market under the brand name of ‘Shadlee’.
Shadlee fruit juices are produced from natural, pure and fresh fruit purees and concentrates.
Our products consist of Pomegranate Juice, Sour Cherry Juice, Orange Nectar, Mango Nectar, Peach & Mango Nectar, Apple & Banana Juice, Apple & Kiwi Juice, considering that the 1 liter Tetra prisma Pomegranate, Apple& Kiwi and Apple & Banana mix juices are 100% pure and without sugar. plus none of our products contains any artificial colorings nor preservatives.
Shadlee Pomegranate juice with high antioxidants considered as a healthy juice, which is helpful in preventing cancer and heart disease.
West Azerbaijan province with its favorable climates is one of the largest fruit growing areas in Iran. This area is rich in 600,000 tons of Apple, 200,000 tons of White Grape and 20,000 tons of Vitis Vine Fera Rasha Red Grape along with 20,000 tons of Sour cherry.
Fruits are purely natural products and vital sources of nourishment and vitamins. Our company was founded on the principle of retaining this value of fruits with their original aroma when processing them. These fruits become Juices, Concentrates and Purees in modern production lines.
Orum Narin Company is located at approx 10 km out of Urmia city; built in 110,000 m2 of land, out at which 12,000 m2 is closed for production.
The company also owns a 5,000 tons colds store 15 km away from the plant. The company has the capacity to produce, 200,000 liter of juice in Tetrapak and Doypak packaging, 3,000 tons of fruits puree and 5,000 tons fruits concentrate annually.